– The Importance behind your first visit –

Prevention is the base to a healthy life. Our first problem as dental health professionals is the presence of multiple diseases. We are capable with cutting edge technology as we better ourselves and our materials everyday so that we can offer the best solution to reestablish our patients dental and general health.

Prevention is and will always be our main objective in every patient regardless of age and sex.

Currently, the mass media pushes and generates trends regarding dental health, our responsibility is to educate our patients in the correct use and indications for dental health care. That’s the base for all successful doctor-patient relationships.

The evolution and master of odontoestomatology has guided practice towards a teamwork in which every general dentist and specialist must commit to common objectives.

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The Importance Behind your First Visit (Stablishing a Diagnose and a Treatment Plan at First Sight)

The first step is to choose a dental professional that will ensure your dental care and set specific objectives to protect and reestablish your dental function or facial aesthetics.

In order to have a correct treatment, the first step will be to develop a diagnose through your first consult which consists of several steps:

  • Medical Questioning
  • Dental Exploration
  • 2 Dimension X-Rays and in some cases a 3D catscan
  • Dental Impressions
  • Clincal Photos
  • Oclusion Dentistry
  • In occasions teeth molds

Once analysed, everything mentioned above must reestructure a personalised treatment plan focused on achieving the objectives established in the first consult.

This treatment plan may set as an objective to reestablish chewing and aesthetic functions or better yet, a preventive plan to maintain health.

Prevention Plan and Control Consult

The recommendation “visit your dentists twice a year” is based on maintaining dental health, preventing diseases like periodontitis or pyorrhea, cavities and more.

The prevention plans are established considering the following details: A patients diet, habits, systematic diseases, genetics, general health, age and ethnicity.

It’s very important to identify the cause for any possible problem: Now a days, the objective is to have cero cavities, cero dental health problems and the way to succeed is through an educated culture of prevention.

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control visit to dentist and prophylaxis

A Control Visit and Prophylaxis

The objective for this type of consult with your dentist is oriented to identifying posible problems that could generate some kind of disease for example tartar, which can be disposed of with an ultrasonic tool that generates a strong vibration, detaching tartar from your teeth’s surface without causing an erosion to your teeth.

After the ultrasonic cleanse, a special paste is used to polish the teeth so it can have its smooth surface which prevents new tartar accumulation. It’s important to point out that tartar is nothing more than a bacterial plate calcified with our saliva.

If we have a good brushing technique and a regular habit of flossing, while constantly changing our tooth brush, the tartar’s presence would eventually be less or null. This is why a visit to your dentist should be frequent regardless of age or sex, because even the littlest ones that don’t have teeth should be guided into having a generation free of dental and facial problems caused by bad teeth care.

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