Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment

– Re-establish the shape and function of your teeth –

Endodontics is a treatment of the dental organ which consists in retrieving the vascular and nervous package of the canals as well as cleaning of these to seal with bio-compatible materials such as gutta-percha or a special cement for the roots.

The nervous vascular tissue has no chance of swelling and repairing itself due to its location and it will need to be removed for the correct treatment of the root canals.

A good diagnosis will determine the realisation of this procedure that will differ and recognise the patients affliction in order to treat.

The general objective of the endodontic treatment is to completely reestablish the shape and function of every patients chewing.

Everything said above this will help us comprehend the indications for this procedure whether it’s to reestablish shape or function along with full restoration of dental health to prevent infectious complications that may harm important structures like neck or head.

Canal pretreatment is the first option when an endodontic treatment did not succeed and the canals go through a second cleaning.

endodontics in cancun root canal therapy

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